IMG_0211Boyfriends of 3 years, Max and I met aged 18 and 19 while filming movies for Helix Studios. Our deep love for each other and Max’s rock hard abs have kept us together for several years despite the temptations from the industry. This is our brand new, home made website! It is a WORK IN PROGRESS, please bare with me! Xoxo <3 Kyle 18+ ONLY. NSFW


Body Language

Body Language

October 23, 2014

Everyone has been there. Walk into the club and notice a cute boy looking. I signaled him to follow me to the dance floor. Things start to heat up as I feel Liam’s body and kiss his neck. As the night continues we become more acquainted and things really get turnt up!

Kyle & Max Bang

Kyle & Max Bang

October 10, 2014

This scene means a lot to me because it was my first scene with Kyle.

We start off passionately kissing and start to get so horny. Kyle climbs on top of me and the clothes slowly come off as we kiss. Kyle removes my shirt and starts kissing my nipples and works his way all the...



Hey ya'll, I am the Helix Studio's and CockyBoys, one and only, Max Carter. I have filmed over 70 scenes in my career and enjoyed all of them! When I'm not modeling, I'm busy keeping my house hold together and working in the helix office as Office Assistant.

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Hey guys, I’m Kyle and I live in beautiful San Diego with my boyfriend, Max. I am 21 years old and enjoy my time out with friends and filming for Helix Studios. Here are my specs so you can get to know me!

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12 Responses to Home

  1. LylaGallagher says:

    I’m so happy to see u together.You two are the best couple in my eyes.Wish u have a good time!!!!Be yourselves and keep loving!

  2. Brian Hunter says:

    Hi Kyle & Max ,
    As a fan would would you lads ever come to Scotland to make a hot scene in my garden or house , there would some nice herbs here for you , headline Kyle & Max tour Scotland xxx

  3. Husheyang says:

    Love you soooooo much!

  4. kellychayunk says:

    You two are my favourite helix couple ever…smexy..cute…hot….i wish both of u an everlasting relationship..

  5. anthony says:

    Hi! I am anthony from Venezuela, I am a fan of you
    both :) they look great as a couple! I also have my
    partner, we are not as cute as you but if we are
    happy too: D, I wish I could know better :) I like your
    videos, they have a special connection :)
    not speak English well hehehehe

  6. Chen says:

    hi kyle,I’m a fan from Asia and I have many friends like you and Max .we call you beauty Ross ,do you like this nickname hhhhh ; ) hope you two have a happiness life <3

  7. Andrew Garrison says:

    You guys are a beautiful couple and you have a wonderful website. Best wishes always

  8. 王丫丫 says:

    Website is very professional, pages beautifully, you are young entrepreneurs, there are many opportunities waiting for you. I hope you successful career. Bless you. My English is not good, in short, congratulations!

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